Voicebox Creative

Emergen-C is one of the largest vitamin C based drink mix brands in the world. Voicebox was brought in to evaluate brand positioning and to develop packaging that would stimulate sales by shifting the brand’s primary use as a cold remedy to everyday healthy lifestyle beverage. We revitalized brand messaging and naming to support a healthy, everyday lifestyle theme, extending the new design system across five product lines and over 100 products. Our redesign helped boost sales and position Emergen-C for sale to the world’s largest drug maker, Pfizer.

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"Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Emergen-C and Pfizer. It is a unique opportunity to join one of the world’s top performing consumer health care businesses. By becoming part of Pfizer, we can access the resources and reach that will help us support healthy, active lifestyles across the globe. Thank you Voicebox for everything you’ve done to help us get to this momentous place."
- Emergen-C