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Clover Sonoma
The Clover Stornetta brand has a long history in Sonoma County dating back to 1916. The current generation of this family owned brand is expanding its geographic reach. Clover approached Voicebox to unify its brand architecture under a single logo expressing the brand's heritage in Sonoma County, support for family farmers and care for the animals and land that produce the best milk in America. Armed with the insight that consumers care a great deal about where their dairy comes from and how it is produced, we created a single memorable logo to unify the entire Clover product portfolio and embrace the region as Clover Sonoma. We also updated all product packaging and introduced the "Clover Promise of Excellence” seal to better communicate that all Clover products share the same commitment to quality. The new brand and packaging design system for Clover Sonoma has been applied to 150 SKUs and… Cownting!

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